Jennifer’s Dog Mom Story


“Through the eyes of a Dog Mom”

To understand what a dog mom is you have to first understand what it is to be a mom. A mom is someone that loves unconditionally. A mom cares more about her children than she does herself. A mom feeds her family before she ever sits down to eat. A mom would give her life it it meant her children were kept safe.

Being a dog mom is no different. I love my dogs regardless of how silly and exasperating they can be. I am thinking of my dogs while I’m at work and can’t wait to get home to play with them. I worry about their safety and health more than my own.

Some people choose a life for themselves but sometimes that life is chosen for us. Dogs seem to be my path. My husband and I don’t have children but we do have four dogs that we love unconditionally. I am a happier person because of my dogs. And because of my dogs my extended human family is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

By: Jennifer Myers